Today, many of us still feel we should handle problems on our own. Or just fix things with a pill or medication. Seeking counseling from an experienced therapist is a proven, forward step for you. A way to feel better and to achieve a long-lasting sense of well-being. Our counseling helps clients along the road to a positive, happy and less stressful life. Together with you, the client, we do the work that will enable you to travel that less bumpy, more fulfilling road. Believe it.

Integrative Therapy

Clients often face emotional, mental and physical challenges in their lives. To better prepare them, we often incorporate a combination of traditional and emerging practices. This integrative therapy strives to promote healing by creating both a healthy mind and body. Our licensed professional counselors use this approach in helping clients manage the strong emotional and physical stressors that interfere with their relationships at home, work or school. In addition to our counseling services, some of the tools we recommend in our therapy include massage, yoga, meditation and diet.



The many pieces to counseling services